From Hitman to Middleman: How to achieve your finance integration

Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, Mexico… As a Finance Integration Manager, many times I have been one of the first managers from the investor’s group to get through the door of acquired companies, to perform what I am apparently good at: the finance department integration of the acquired business. Despite appearances, this job does not only require dealing with numbers and processes, but also with people and skills.
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5 situations where customs come into play

Or how to integrate customs into your international strategy? What was he thinking when he embarked on this adventure?... some would say. Businesses wish to make sales or meet their sourcing needs when they go global. But at times these projects run into customs complications that manifest themselves in a number of ways: the cost price calculation, the sales contract, the customs declaration, the transport contract, the tax declaration… customs control.
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The MX Institute is dedicated to the progress of small and medium-sized businesses internationally. It plays an essential role in the empowerment of companies through the dissemination of know-how, practices and tools to optimize the internationalization process. MX Institute also collaborates with business groups, professional organizations and educational institutions in the capacity-building of today’s and tomorrow’s managers and key resources.

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The underestimated risk: the missing link in an effective foreign exchange strategy

In the context where, year in and year out, international transactions are becoming increasingly prevalent, it is astounding to note that it is only when the profit margin begins to plummet that some companies start to take a closer look at the real impact foreign exchange rates exert on profitability. Then they realize that solutions exist to ensure their profitability, that they are less complex than anticipated and inexpensive.
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